RB Recruiter (Previously Staff Manager) - The quick and pain-free staff application manager for online communities
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RB Recruiter v 0.6.2 Crowdin

The quick and pain-free form management solution for communities

Have you ever gotten tired of managing your Minecraft server/network's applications through Discord (or anything else) and having to scroll through hundreds of new messages just to find that one applicant's username?

Wish you had a better application managemet strategy? Well, then Raspberry Teams is for you! It was originally designed and developed for internal use for a gameserver network, but sharing is caring!

Features (not exhaustive)

  • Beautiful (customizable in future releases) landing page for your application management center; It displays all available staff ranks
  • Contact form on landing page for those un-registerd users
  • User registration/authentication system; Users will be sent to the authentication flow to complete their application, if not logged in
  • Candidate tracking system - Applicants will be tracked from start to finish.
  • Peer approval system - Have all your staff members vote on applications and decide whether they should be accepted (this is overridable)
  • Interview scheduling (simple) - Schedule interviews with your candidates and automatically notify them!
    • Interview notes: Every staff member is able to add and edit interview notes (how the interview went, etc)
  • Application comments: Finally no more having to go to a private Discord channel just to comment on a single application. Comments are organised neatly for every application! This should help in the decision process of voting for an application.
  • User profiles - Fill out your profile for others to better find you
  • User directory - Public profile directory for everyone
  • Staff rank management - Add/remove ranks on demand, that users will be able to apply to
  • Simple form builder - Create your application forms easily!
  • Termination - Has a staff member met their untimely demise? Terminate them. This will strip their permissions and roles.
  • Controllable permissions - Every user has permissions! Control who has access to what (You can skip the application process and add staff members directly here).
  • Ban system - Having trouble with pesky spammers? Ban them! This will publicly shame their profile and keep them from signing up or logging in.
  • Notifications: Notifies slack and email primarily

And many more features!


Many other features are currently planned for this app, such as:

  • Discord role management (approved applicants)
  • Luckperms/PEX integration - For now, you'll have to promote users manually in-game
  • Flexibility - This app is built on a flexible concept! It will be able to be used for other purposes other than MC staff members.
  • Customisable front page (priority)
  • Auto provisioning - Sign up on a website and get your instance of Raspberry Teams up and running in no time
  • Suggestions accepted!

Technical overview

Tech stack:

  • Laravel 7
  • Eloquent ORM
  • AdminLTE / Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery / Plain Javascript
  • vueJS (in the future)


Currently, the master branch is highly unstable, since it's under active development. Expect it to break with each commit. Even though I make an effort to make sure each commit is good to go before pushing, things might still break unexpectedly, and you may find a lot of bugs (which you should report).

Every released version is currently pre-release. If you really want to run this before version 1.0.0 comes out, always stay on the latest version, as those will always be tested before release, ensuring less chaos.

*Note: This application is NOT production ready! It won't be until the first stable release comes out, which might take a bit longer.

Operating System Requirements

Currently, this application is only supported on Linux environments (Ubuntu 20.04 or derivatives are recommended).

Software Requirements

  • composer (min version: 1.8.4)
  • npm (tested w/ v 5.8.0)
  • php (required PHP 7 or newer - lower versions unsupported!)

PHP Extension Requirements

  • JSON
  • Curl (highly recommended)
  • Image Magick (imagick) for 2FA support


Make sure all prerequisites are installed. Afterwards, clone this repository, make install.shexecutable and run it.


Configuration is currently done via the installer. Alternatively, you may also edit the .env file directly. This process will be moved to the browser later.

Bug reports

Please report any bugs you find to the issues section here! It'd be immensely helpful. PRs are also accepted.